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March 13, 2020

Coronavirus 3-13-2020 | Jamie Aten from Wheaton’s HDI on church preparedness | Stephen Grcevich from Key Ministry on disability ministries

Carmen opened by sharing an experience at home with her family:

“Last night we read Psalm 46 and talked through it with our teenagers. 

What does it mean for God to be our refuge, our strength and stronghold?
How do we ride in Him and do we run to Him when we feel insecure or uncertain? 

What are some things going on the world that make us feel anxious or worried? 

What do we do with that? 

If we had to stay home – literally stay home – for 2 weeks, what are some things you would miss being able to do and what are some things you would want to do with that time? 

  • home improvement projects
  • plant spring flowers
  • plan the garden and plant seeds 
  • start incubating chicks
  • clean out my closet
  • reorganize the attic
  • work in my woodshop
  • take a hike in our woods and campout in the backyard
  • Read a book together – or a series of books, like Narnia
  • do that big puzzle grandma gave us for Christmas
  • learn to cook some of our favorite meals
  • do my science fair project
  • research colleges online
  • work on some writing projects
  • play frisbee golf at the park, we can go to the park, right? I don’t know. I’ll find out. 

In this episode, Carmen talks with Jamie Aten from Wheaton’s Humanitarian Disaster Institute about materials available to churches and other Christian ministries seeking to respond well in the midst of the Coronavirus.

Resources discussed an be found here:

In the second half, Carmen talks with Dr. Stephen Grcevich of Key Ministry about the particular needs of families with children who have disabilities and what the church often misses.


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