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October 5, 2020

Covid Tracking and Trump | The big What if | Preparing yourself for the possibility that your guy doesn’t win

Candid conversations today with:
Dr. Zach Jenkins (Cedarville University) about the President’s Covid treatments and how the U.S. is actually fairing in the midst of the pandemic, and

Dr. Adam Carrington (Hillsdale College) about the inadequacy of current U.S. election laws to process the complex convergence of balloting that began more than a month prior to the election date, the recent SCOTUS ruling binding electors to the candidates named on ballots, and the prospect that a candidate might die or be incapacitated between the time balloting begins and the election is complete (November 3). They also discuss how Christians (on both sides of the political divide) need to begin preparing now for the prospect that their preferred candidate may not win.


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