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June 28, 2019

Curating your kids media feed and your own | LGBTQ in every cartoon | Campus Life with Drew Moser

Does every cartoon need a LGBTQI character, couple, family or storyline?  Toy Story 4 has two very brief scenes where a same-sex couple drops off – and picks up – a child from school. They are both women. They are mixed race. The intent is clear: we are supposed to see that one child has two mommies. My Little Pony also highlighted a lesbian pair of ponies in the very last episode of its final season. This on the heals of Mr. Ratburn’s same sex wedding in Arthur and the ongoing Bert & Ernie conversation on Sesame Street.  Listeners during the conversation between Carmen and Adam Holz from PluggedIn pointed out the species crossing issue was well. Offered as an exemplar: the Equestria dolls – part horse, part girl. Not only do we have to watch with great discernment, we have to continuously curate our kids’ media feed because characters evolve and story lines change.

What’s life like on Christian college campuses today? The answer to that question is as diverse as the colleges and the students who answer the question.  Campus Life: In Search of Community is a book about what life might be like if Christian colleges see themselves not as places for Christians kids to be protected from the world but as communities where they can be prepared to engage – and influence – the world for good (and God). Dr. Moser shares the vision of a Christian college experience where students learn in communities that are purposeful, open, just, disciplines, care and celebrative. He and Carmen also discuss the questions students are asking today which center around vocation, faith, culture, racial reconciliation and sexuality.






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