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August 5, 2019

Dealing with the trauma of mass shootings | Concerns rise for protesters in Hong Kong

Dr. Linda Mintle shares the multifactorial nature of mass shootings and other acts of evil today. Although we like to imagine a simple fix, there is no solution save for the transformation of human hearts by God.  Perpetrators are dealing with layers of complex pain that is individual, familial, cultural and national. What we want to reduce to hate inflamed by political speech is far more complex than soundbites allow.

Dr. David Aikman shares his rising concern for the prospects of a peaceful resolution in Hong Kong. Protesters there are in the ninth week of protests against what young Hong Kongers see as China’s attempts to Sinocize them. Meanwhile, in Afghanistan, the U.S. is negotiating with the Taliban and Dr. Aikman reminds us how much worldview matters when we consider just how long some of these conflicts have been going on.




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