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July 8, 2020

Doing nothing is no longer an option | Christians, the church and patriotism | Cancel Culture | SCOTUS on Electoral college

Carmen shared in her opening commentary,

For every authentic Christian the day comes when doing nothing is no longer an option. 

The same spirit that descended upon Jesus as he emerged from the Jordan River, dwells now with power within those who are possessed of his radical reaching love for people broken by sin – those who quite literally cannot help themselves. 

Those of us who are redeemed know the depths of that love that reached into the dark despair of our lives and rescued us and we extend to others the grace we also received. 

How and when is the Gospel extended through Christians today? 

It comes in a moment of decision that leads to action when you no longer just go along with the cultural currents of self-interest or other-avoidance and instead, you walk into the pain of another person. Often just to share it so they do not have to endure it alone. 

Doing nothing is no longer an option when we know little children are being victimized or the elderly neglected or the sick left to die. 

The culture of death has reached a fever pitch. Doing nothing is no longer an option.

Pastor Daryl Crouch joins Carmen to discuss the most recent time he arrived at such a moment. Then they discuss the challenge the church faces when dealing with expressions of patriotism that can run afoul of the Gospel. In a conversation that includes consideration of flags in church, Carmen and Daryl till soil many of us need to be thinking about amidst today’s national and global challenges.

In the second half Carmen talks with Dr. Hunter Baker from Union University about “Cancel Culture’s” demands without due consideration of the context in which those being maligned actually lived. They also discuss the decision of the Supreme Court of the United States related to “faithless electors,” whom the Court finds to be required to cast a vote for the Presidential candidate that a majority of the voters in their state seek to elect.

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