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November 18, 2020

Protecting Staff While Keeping Productivity Up | Christian Convert Sparking Revival in Iran

The Gift of Provision

Those hunting in the woods, fishing in streams and for many hunting down food in the grocery store, we have an opportunity to give thanks for the food that God provides through these means. Let’s cultivate that heart of thanksgiving prior to the holiday of Thanksgiving. GiveĀ thanks today to God for the meals you receive whether by your hand or another’s.

In light of Covid, this year more hunters may be able to give thanks because various states’ wildlife officials are issuing many more hunting and fishing licenses than usual. If you are a hunter, be sure to wear your safety colors and confirm where your sights are pointed, trying to avoid hurting the precious life of another person in those woods. Oh, and did I mention, give thanks šŸ™‚ ?


Today’s Guests

Bill English – Bible and Business

Bill helps lead us through what business owners, leaders, and managers can do to protect their staff during Covid and yet be productive. He also helps us understand how to protect staff jobs along the way! Check him out at


Dr. Hormoz Shariat – Iran Alive Ministries

Independent research shows that Iran hasĀ the fastest growing EvangelicalĀ community in the world today! (Article 1, Article 2, Article 3)

Dr. Shariat affirms this and discusses his debut book with us, “Iran’s Great Awakening – How God is Using a Muslim Convert to Spark Revival.” In the book he makes the bold claim that “Iran will be the first Muslim nation to turn to Christ.”Ā  May it be and may we see many more people flood toward Jesus Christ, our Lord!

Today’s Episode

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