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August 20, 2019

ER as 24/7 all-comers ministry opp | Preparing Christian kids for the realities of today’s academic environs

Dr. Brett Nicks is an ER doctor. He’s also a Christian. Hear how those two realities inform one another and find out how to pray for Christians working on the front lines of trauma care.  Brett and Carmen also discuss the rise in ER visits by middle and high school age kids because of vaping, the crisis of rural healthcare and how to talk to your physician about non-pharmaceutical strategies if you just don’t want to take all those pills.

Dr. Peter Kapsner returns to talk through headlines related to what kids are facing as they return to school. As parents we try to protect our kids from negative influences and the introduction of harmful ideas before children are ready to process and cope with that information. But the world waits not and increasingly schools are exposing children to information parents do not consider age or stage appropriate – particularly in the area of sexuality.  Peter and Carmen also discuss the use of the word Christian as applied to young adults who openly eschew any boundaries of sexual expression or experience.




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