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June 20, 2019

Evangelical principles for immigration reform | Addressing abuse in the church

Alan Cross shares several evangelical principles for entering into conversations around immigration reform. Just yesterday Carmen talked with Rondell Trevino about the reaction of undocumented people to the President’s threat of mass deportations. Carmen has addressed the immigration issue on several prior shows as well.

Brad Hambrick shares resources for churches seeking to be equipped to address Рand prevent Рabuse. They discuss the print resource from LifeWay and available at for free download. And they discuss the CaringWell challenge and conference each of which can be found at

Carmen has had several prior conversations on the topic:

Spotlight interview with Diane Langberg

Spotlight Interview with Justin Holcomb

Spotlight Interview with Autumn Miles

Conversation with Laila Risgallah

Conversation with abuse survivor Linda Gibson



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