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June 25, 2019

Fetal Tissue research | Conscience protections for Medical professionals | 50 shades of Truth

Dr. David Stevens from the Christian Medical and Dental Association talks with Carmen about new Trump administration restrictions on research using intentionally aborted babies. They also discuss the importance of sleep – and how to get enough of it. Then their conversation turns to the concern for doctors and other medical professionals who are feeling the cultural pressure if they are pro-life and honest about diagnoses like body dysmorphia.

It has been four years since the Supreme Court ruling in Obergefell making same-sex marriage legal throughout the United States. In the lead up to the ruling, Christians warned that once the definition is changed, the definition of family is changed and with it, the definition of parenting and…children.  Concerns about the commodification of reproduction were brushed aside as hysterical fear-mongering. Four years later every single one of the negative predictions has come true.  Carmen discusses this cultural moment with Peter Kapsner in their ongoing 50 Shades of Truth segment.


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