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Our purpose is to mobilize every Christian to get off the sidelines and into the cultural conversations of the day in ways that honor Jesus.

As a pastor, ministry leader or group leader, how can we help you help those you lead to speak as God’s Ambassadors in their daily conversations?

Working together

We provide timely, distinctively Christian cultural commentary to supplement your ministry

How to listen:

Listen Live from 3-4 ET. If you are in the Orlando area, find us on 94.5/950 WTLN. In the DC area, we are on 780 WAVA.  Or, go to or and click on “Listen live” at the top right of the stations’ homepages during the live show.

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We produce digital resources on timely topics (this is updated regularly). Here are some popular issue areas:

Digital downloads that dive deeper into topics:

How to talk about The Shack

Civil discourse: Talk with people, not about them

Why Bring God into every conversation

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