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September 17, 2019

Freedom and liberty for all or just those who agree with me | Prayers for Prodigals with Judy Douglass

When we argue for religious freedom or freedom of speech or freedom of the press or assembly, are we talking about freedom for all – even those with whom we vehemently disagree – or are we really just talking about insuring our own liberty? That question is at the heart of a very public debate being had on the national stage among conservatives. Drew Griffin from Providence Magazine sat down with David French and shares with Carmen what he heard and learned from the conversation. They also discuss the recent meeting of high profile evangelical Christian leaders in Saudi Arabia withe that kingdom’s prince.

Author and ministry leader, Judy Douglass, joins Carmen to share “When You Love a Prodigal: 90 days of grace for the wilderness.” Judy and Carmen get real about long, often desperate journey filled with fear, worry, anger, self-recrimination and guilt. They talk about the waiting and the wondering, the pacing and praying, the fatigue and the fear to hope for too much and settle for too little. Judy and Steve Douglass have their own prodigal. His name is Josh. Judy shares about the realities of foster care, adoption and raising a child who is deeply wounded and slow to trust in God’s goodness and the grace they were offering in their home.  If you love a prodigal, you are NOT alone. Join or Prayer4Prodigals on Facebook and check out the book: When You Love a Prodigal.




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