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July 30, 2019

From ruts and routines to sacred rhythms | Time to move (your body)

Carmen leads off this episode with an observation about the miraculous in the midst of the mundane. If you’re having a hard time seeing the righteous rhythm of life (because your routine feels more like a rut) this is for you!

Carmen talks with Tommy Binion about what it means to be an American, from the perspective of kids who weighed in at CPAN and a little Dem debates.

Dr. Rosemary Stein and Carmen discuss the special needs of kids who are born with differences easily observed in our image rich, visually obsessed Instagram culture. They also discuss just how important it is to get kids moving – physically – in order for them to grow and thrive.



Links to articles discussed during the show:

What does it mean to be an American?

Young man in Spain who built his own prosthetic robotic arm from Legos

Kids spend too much time sitting


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