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October 7, 2020

George Barna on Millennials’ view of America on Respect, Faith and America | Richard Levine on America’s #1 Adversary

American Millennials, now adults 18-36, have a radically different view of respect, faith and America than do older citizens. George Barna joins Carmen for a conversation about the findings of the American Worldview Inventory to help us understand why young adults do what they do based on what they believe about themselves, others, God and the United States.

In the second half, Carmen is joined by Richard Levine who co-authored America’s #1 Adversary – a look at China and what we must do now to meet the threat. Levine served alongside Oliver North in the Reagan administration as part of the National Security Council staff as director of policy development. He has had his eye trained on China for a long time and helps us bring Xi’s China into view – with more than 70 recommendations of what be done now to thwart the PRC’s plans to dominate the world.


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