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August 7, 2019

Honor/Shame culture and the Gospel | the 5 relationships you need to succeed

Guilt, shame, fear and death are the products of sin. The Gospel is the radically reorienting, liberating, life-giving answer.  What do I need to know about the honor/shame cultural worldview in order to effectively communicate the good news of the Gospel to my Muslim neighbors? Audrey Frank shares how in Covered Glory  – you will meet Muslim women living in a culture with an honor-shame worldview that perpetuates their shame. As you discover how these women find freedom when they uncover their true identity, you will find that shame affects each one of us. Audrey share that while shames tells us we are unworthy, truth tells us we were made to be loved; shame tells us we are nobody, Jesus tells us ‘you are somebody precious to me,’ and shame tells us we are broken, the Gospel offers the hope of a life made new. Carmen and Audrey discuss everything from Genesis 1 to Proverbs 31 as they explore the need for recovering the lens through which the Bible was written as a way to reach our Muslim neighbors today. 

When it comes to relationships, what do you really need? Dan Darling, pastor, author and VP of the ERLC, describes the five relationships we each need to succeed.


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