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July 17, 2019

House mess, Planned Parenthood, IRFMinisterial, China, Iraqi Christians, Yazidis and 50 Shades of Truth

Carmen’s conversation partners today are Drew Griffin from Providence Magazine and Peter Kapsner, religion and ethics professor at the University of Northwestern St Paul. Their conversation topics include:

  1. The State Department’s 2nd International Religious Freedom Ministerial underway today in D.C.
  2. The State Department’s commission on Unalienable Rights, concerns raised and some recommendations
  3. China’s ongoing repression of the Uighur people and the world’s response
  4. The harsh realities being faced by Iraq’s Christians as they seek to re-establish themselves in the Levant
  5. The agony of Yazidi women and girls systematically raped, sold and forced into marriages with jihadists after being abducted by IS from their ancestral Iraqi homeland of Sinjar in 2014. In order to return to their families they must abandon the children born while they were in captivity.

With Kapsner, Carmen discusses:

  1. The US national Women’s soccer team
  2. Women’s weightlifting championship won by a biological man and what that portends for other women’s sports
  3. Scarlett Johansson’s comments about role playing, acting and art and how Christians can engage
  4. The commodification of children and the need for Christians to think seriously about the ethics of reproductive technologies like IVF



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