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December 9, 2019

How to boost your EI | How to say No | China’s deplorable treatment of religious minorities | The religion storyline in the Britain’s election

Dr. Linda Mintle talks with Carmen about emotional intelligence and how to boost it. Beginning with empathy but also exploring topics like curiosity and passion, your emotional intelligence affects you and everyone around you. Getting healthy at this point matters. They also discuss the need to say no and if you’re having a hard time saying no, exploring the underlying reasons why.

Then Dr. David Aikman is back to discuss recently released reports of the systematic detention of more than a million ethnic Uighurs, Kazakhs and others in reeducation camps over the past three years. Carmen refers to Dr. Albert Mohler’s Briefing on the topic and to the NY Times expose.  The U.S. Congress has taken action and there is now conversation about the U.S. contributions to the World Bank which recently extended loans to the Xinjiang region of China where the internments are taking place.

Carmen and David then turn their attention to the historic election taking place in Great Britain on the 12th. There are surprisingly religious storylines including Jewish and Hindu leaders condemning the Labour party candidate and Muslim leaders hitting back with accusations against the conservative candidate. Largely absent is any influential voice coming from the Church of England. David concludes with an observation about the enthusiasm Britain’s evangelical Christians have for Brexit because they see remaining in the EU as stifling to the Gospel.



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