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Important message from Carmen LaBerge, PLC President and Host of The Reconnect:

October 26, 2017

After considering how we speak the Truth of God’s Word into a confused culture, the board of the Presbyterian Lay Committee announces the renaming and reorganizing of the ministry as Reformation Press, a media ministry impressing the mind of Christ into the culture by informing and equipping Christians to speak the mind of Christ on the matters of the day.

In the coming weeks, the ministry of will be discontinued. Further announcements about Reformation Press and The Reconnect radio program will be forthcoming as we reorganize and relaunch in 2018.

The Protestant Reformation challenged the non-biblical practices of the institutional church and called for the restoration of God’s Word to its rightful place. We see the same need exists today on the Reformation’s 500th  anniversary. Reformation Press will join the distinctively Christian Reformers of this generation.

While cultural context and media landscapes have changed since the beginning of Reformation Press in 1965, the purposes outlined at its formation remain constant:

  1. Put greater emphasis on the teaching of the Bible as the authoritative Word of God;
  2. Emphasize at every opportunity the need for preaching the Gospel of Redemption with evangelical zeal and to stress the need for regular Bible study and prayer;
  3. Encourage Christians to take their place as individuals in society and, as led by the Holy Spirit, to become involved in the social, economic and political problems of our time and to assert their position publicly as Christian citizens in all such matters.

We will continue to stand upon these principles, committed to the Reformation that God is bringing today.   

As we begin this next season of our ministry, we express our thanks for those who have toiled alongside us from the beginning and even now in the work to see Christ proclaimed. And we welcome new supporters to join in our upcoming work.  We look forward to continuing this work together.  


In Christ,

Carmen LaBerge


The Presbyterian Lay Committee, Inc, is a nonprofit corporation.  The Federal EIN number 13-2548997, mailing address PO #682247, Franklin, TN 37068, and phone number, 800-368-0110, will remain the same and all gifts will continue to be tax deductible. Thank you in advance for supporting us through this transition!

Questions about the transition? Read more here.

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