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May 29, 2020

In the wake of life and death | Ed Stetzer on George Floyd, Christians and Conspiracies and Reopening Church

Carmen consider the word wake.

If you’ve ever been to a lake you know the disruptive power of the wake of a boat speeding through placid waters. The deeper the boat cuts, the higher the wake. 

This morning, let us the wake created by our actions. What you say and do are more than a drop in a bucket, your life is creating a wake others must deal with. 

Your actions are creating a wake. 

Wakes get our attention. Disrupt the peace.

Consider the funeral wake, the vigil over the dead prior to the funeral. If you’ve experienced a funeral wake as a gathering limited to immediate family and friends then let me invite you this morning to widen the scope of your imagination. Funeral wakes differ widely around the world. Consider the scenes you’ve seen on television of the throngs of people across entire nations wailing and mourning. In our own recent history, consider the way crowds gathered in LA outside the arena where Kobe Bryant played. 

Now, consider the wake created by both the life and death of George Floyd….

In the second half, Carmen talks with Ed Stetzer across a range to topics including righteous anger, the formation of conscience, why Christians spreading conspiracies compromises our witness and guidelines for churches to consider as they begin to gather again for in person worship.


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