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June 5, 2019

Is God in the business of your business and The OT in 7 sentences


Jesus was about the Father’s business. That meant he was constantly in people’s business! Carmen gets into your business every day in her show. And today, she talks with Bill English about the various ways businesses are funded. They talk everything from Seed money and Angel investors (which Carmen likes because it provides opportunity to reconnect the eternal with the everyday) but also the Valley of Death and the SBA.



Then Carmen is joined by Christopher Wright whose most recent book is The Old Testament in 7 Sentences. True to form, curious Carmen asks: what if the publisher had been doing a series of books in 8 sentences? What’s the one sentence you would have included if you could?

Wondering what the 7 sentences are? Dr. Wright walks through all seven of them here… (and IF there’d been an 8!)






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