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August 6, 2019

Is your doctor prepared for the questions we’re not asking our pastors?

Recent research indicates that most Americans do not consult clergy when making major life decisions. Who then are we asking? We’re asking our doctors. Doctors increasingly field questions about all kinds of life decisions because the stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, weight gain, depression, abuse, identity issues we experience affect our health. Dr. David Stevens from the Christian Medical and Dental Association shares from his own clinical experience. He also addresses the rising trend of suicide among America’s most senior adults and what each of us can do to intervene today.

Joshua Harris announced on social meeting that he was ending his marriage – followed by an announcement that he no longer identifies as a Christian – then he participated in a pro-LGBTQ affirming march. How do we respond when a fellow Christian departs so thoroughly from the fellowship of believers and the faith? And how do we redeem marriage in a culture where purity is mocked by those who once advocated for it? Peter Kapsner joins Carmen for this important conversation.


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