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February 20, 2020

Jesus is praying for you| Free speech on college campuses | Schools keep student gender dysphoria from parents | Sankofa

For whom are you praying and who is praying for you? One answer: Jesus. Read John 17.

In her weekly conversation with Ben Johnson from the Acton Institute, Carmen discusses the challenges Christian students are facing on college campuses where free speech is strictly limited to designated zones and developments in the case of the Wisconsin school district whose LGBTQ+ policies require teachers and administrators to refer to students by preferred pronouns and names but to keep that information from students’ parents.

In the second half, Carmen talks with Carl Nelson, President and CEO of Transform Minnesota about the ministry’s efforts to work to bring evangelical pastors and ministry leaders from a diverse range of denominations, ethnicities and viewpoints into relationship with one another and engagement in issues of shared concern. Specifically they discuss Sankofa, an annual experience of travelling to cities and sites in the Southeastern U.S. where the Civil Rights movement found its feet and its spiritual fire.  What might God do with a people so unified in heart to bring the Gospel to bear on issues in our day? And, what unresolved issues linger from our racial history as Christians in these United States?




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