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February 11, 2020

Justin Giboney on overcoming the politics of pettiness | Phil Waldrep on Beyond Betrayal

After an opening commentary on the betrayal of Jesus, Carmen talks with The And Campaign’s Justin Giboney about his Op Ed in The Hill: Our Self-defeating Politics of Pettiness serves no good. They also discuss how pro-life Democrats are responding the growing chorus of Democratic Presidential candidates who say there’s no room for pro-lifers in the party.

In the second half, Carmen talks with Phil Waldrep about his new book, Beyond Betrayal.  They discuss the lived truth that sin is painful but to be sinned against is excruciating.  Phil shares his own experience of betrayal and what he discovered about God and His mercy along the way of seeking to be reconciled. Phil talks about the importance of moving beyond betrayal in order to risk and receive real relationships in the future. Carmen and Phil get down to some very practical steps anyone betrayed can take. #1: pray and ask God to help you emotionally; #2: go get a piece of paper and start writing down what you feel – whatever you feel – God already knows but YOU need to vent your emotions as a guard against hurting other people. #3: read the Psalms as the journal of David and find solace… there’s more in the book but this is a #TastyTuesday appetizer! 


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