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July 27, 2020

Kanye and doing discipleship in public | Resources for Refugee discipleship | Global headlines

Last week, one the world’s most high profile personalities, Kanye West, had a very public breakdown and disclosed private matters from his marriage in a very public way. His wife responded with an appropriate mixture of concern for her husband, outrage, and personal hurt. Friends intervened. And Kanye West very publicly apologized to his wife.

The story gives us opportunity to talk about the over-exposed culture of instant platforms and how the lines have been blurred for public figures between allowing people in far enough but not too far. This event clearly transgressed that line. Carmen reflects in her commentary on the words West used his apology and what it means for us, as Christians, to be covered in Christ.

Then Carmen talks with Laila Risgallah about the ministry she’s doing with refugees around the world and the resources available at They also discuss Laila’s book, What Happens After #MeToo?, which was the subject of the conversation had with Laila in 2018. 

In the second half, Carmen catches up with David Aikman on headlines from China, Russia, North Korea and Poland.

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