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October 9, 2019

Leading by faith into God-ordained risk | How one Mormon met Jesus


Yesterday’s conversation with Ritz-Carlton co-founder Horst Schulze on who and what inspires him, how you cast a vision and build a culture and what it looks like to live and lead with excellence not only in your life but in your business – as a Christian. 

Excellence is God’s way and should be the way of God’s people

The image of ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen should be the way Christians operate in the world not only because of the Golden Rule but because it is who we are and who we recognize everyone else to be. 

Horst Shulze is an impressive man not because he has built great businesses but because he has a substantial character derived from Christ. I was most delighted by our conversations about his wife and why at 80 he’s not retired but on the road sharing the message of excellence and culture change with all of us. 

God is not finished with you yet! 

Whether you’re 14 or 84, God would like to use you today to reveal His character and Kingdom principles to others who do not yet know. God wants to show forth the beauty and grace of His goodness through you – by the way you speak to the ladies and gentlemen with whom you intersect in the hallways and highways and byways of life. 

Servers, cooks, drivers, letter carriers, dog walkers, sandwich artists, coffee baristas, babysitters, nurses, housekeepers, and yes, busboys. Every job – whether we do it for pay or as a volunteer as an unpaid caregiving member of the family of faith, whatever you do, do it all to the glory of God – that others might today, see your good works and glorify God who is in heaven. That’s the image we’re here to bear. 

First up today is Bill English for another installment of the Leadership Lessons from the life of David. Today’s topic: walking by faith in God into God-ordained risk.

Then Carmen has the first of what we suspect will be many conversations with Lisa Brockman. If you’re interested in understanding and reaching your Mormon neighbors, this is a conversation you have to hear. Get your notebook ready!

(You can read more about Lisa Brockman here. )




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