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January 15, 2020

Listener question answered | Attention management disorder | Will Mancini with Younique

A  podcast listener sent Carmen a question:  “Two same-sex coworkers (in different departments) got married and their reception invitation was sent out to everyone by a third coworker, who also put out cards to sign for people who wanted to sign a card or give a gift of money. The reception is this week.  How can Christians navigate these work situations? I don’t know them particularly well, so I don’t have the relationship with them to share what I believe about God’s design for marriage between a man and a woman. I found myself saying congratulations when I saw them, because it felt like the right thing to do. What else could I have said? I feel my goal should be to be loving and build a relationship with them. I feel like I need to be equipped in this area.”

Carmen addressed the question offering four key points:

  1. Get perspective: God is love but love is not God AND God is God and we are not (authority issue). What’s right and how do you hear witness to what’s right in this situation? 
  2. Get prayerful
  3. Get practical: Did the invitation include an RSVP or other request for response? How big is this shindig? Is there an expectation for gifts? What’s your corporate culture and is your boss attending? No gossip!!!
  4. Get personal but remain professional. This is a WORK relationship. 

Then Carmen talks with Bill English about how we manage our email – or, give the necessary attention to the demands of life in the email era.

In the second half, Carmen talks with Will Mancini about Younique: Designing the Life God Dreamed for You.






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