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October 14, 2019

Living beyond pain with Linda Mintle | Nobel Peace prize | Marathon records set

Carmen talked with Dr. Linda Mintle about her new book co-authored with Dr. James Kribs, Living beyond Pain: A holistic approach to manage pain and get your life back.  They discuss what makes chronic pain so difficult to live with and then, HOW to live with it! Dr. Mintle explains how pain works and what we can do to improve chronic pain’s impact on our life and relationships. If you’re in pain or you live with someone in chronic pain, this is a must hear.

David Aikman returns to survey international headlines including Syria, Turkey and the Kurds; the deployment of U.S. forces to Saudi Arabia as Iran continues to rise; the Nobel Peace prize winner from Ethiopia (and his vibrant Christian faith); and an update on Brexit (the Queen’s Speech reopened Parliament today).

Carmen concludes today with a brief commentary on God’s people as the sowers of peace in the culture and the reality that discipleship is a marathon, not a sprint (Hebrews 12).


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