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July 18, 2019

Mess on the House Floor; Planned Parenthood upheaval; Religious Freedom assaults in Europe

Carmen talks with Acton’s Ben Johnson @therightswriter about the current mess on the floor of the House of Representatives. The House denounced as racist weekend tweets by President Trump directed at four female members of Congress known as The Squad. House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi later clarified that they did not call the President racist but his comments; a distinction resulting in endless on-air commentary by political pundits. Then in North Carolina, at a re-election campaign rally the crowd took the President’s tweet further down an demonstrably xenophobic path chanting “Send her back.” To be clear, these women are duly elected members of the U.S. Congress and if we’re going to uphold our own values then the appropriate chant might be “vote her out.”  

A few data points:

Carmen and Ben also discuss the upheaval at Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest provider of abortion and the recipient of more than half a billion dollars annually in taxpayer funding. On Monday, the U.S. Federal government began implementation of a policy effectively stripping $60 million/year from Planned Parenthood clinics across the country. Now, to be clear, that’s a fraction of PP’s revenues. We’re talking about an organization with an annual budget of nearly 1.5 billion dollars a third of which comes from the government. But $60 million is $60 million. Planned Parenthood’s board doubled down on its abortion agenda and said it would forgo the money and keep its clinics operating as is – referring for and providing abortions as part of family planning. On the same day, the board fired the doctor they hired just 10 months ago, Leana Wen. In her place is a woman who identifies as a Christian and says abortion is a decision rightly left between “a woman, her physician and her god.”

In the second half of the program Per Ewert, Director of the Clapham Institute in Sweden, joins Carmen to talk about the rise of vandalism and violence directed at people of religious faith – particularly Christian converts from Islam – in Europe. They also discuss the development of today’s individualistic forms of democratic socialism and how they differ dramatically from original Marxism.


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