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August 26, 2019

Monday morning headlines | Conservatives, what are you conserving? | Education reformation?

Carmen talks with Brandon Showalter of the Christian post about:

Next, Carmen talks with Dr. Adam Carrington of Hillsdale College. They discuss:

  • The Koch brothers following news at the end of the week that billionaire David Koch died. The Koch’s influence was significant and understanding why people of immense wealth might choose to support conservatives or liberals when in fact they are neither is an interesting question. 
  • While on the subject, Carmen asks Adam to explain the legs of American conservatism. He poses the provocative question, “If you call yourself a conservative, what is it you’re seeking to conserve?” Do you want to conserve a set of values, ideas, founding principles, a system of thought or economics or what? 
  • Then they get into the New York Times’ 1619 Project, which Carrington frames as an effort to reconceive American history in light of slavery – from economics to politics to faith. 
  • Then Carmen shares about a Twitter thread tracing the changes in American education to changes in the economy. When the American economy was primarily agrarian, it was argued, the school year was patterned around seasons of planting and harvest and taxpayer funded education was confined to what we might think of primary grades. After the industrial revolution we developed the 12 year system which has now been amended on both ends with early childhood education and many states paying for college for those who qualify. The conversation around free college, it was argued, could be seen as a conversation about educational reform. So, Carmen asks the professor, what is the purpose of education for citizenship, humanity, the economy and the Church and how does the system of education change as a nation changes?


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