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May 18, 2020

Monday morning read in | Masked or unmasked? | Congress, SCOTUS, the President and Flynn

Carmen’s quick Monday Morning read in includes:

Today is the 40th anniversary of the eruption of Mount St Helens

Benjamin Netanyahu was sworn in for the fifth time as Israel’s Prime Minister

China’s ambassador to Israel was found dead in his official residence. More than 100 countries are now pushing for an investigation and China – for its part – is now saying there’s no immunity against a second wave

Mental health therapists are moving to dance app Tik Tok.

And a small town in Alaska now depends on one man’s 14-hour weekly boat trip for groceries.

But here’s one more headline that caught Carmen’s attention: 

Carmen talks today with Dr. Zach Jenkins about Covid19 updates related to pediatric inflammatory syndrome, the pushback against wearing masks, and what we should be thinking about things begin to reopen.

In the second half, Dr. Adam Carrington from Hillsdale College returns to discuss the U.S. approval of proxy voting, the Supreme Court hearing on faithless electors, cases involving the President’s financial records and a conversation about the unfolding saga of Michael Flynn.

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