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July 22, 2019

#MondayMotivation | Running the risk of running with the bulls | Hate Speech rising

The #MondayMotivation for the Christian is the Holy Spirit. Counselor, the one who convicts, consoles, and guides. The Holy Spirit is operating right now in the life of every believer – but are you cooperating – in willing submission – to the Spirit’s work?

How might your day be different, how might your life be different if right now, in this very moment, you agreed to cooperate with the Holy Spirit of the eternal God present and active IN YOU? What might happen if you agreed to submit, moment by moment, to the Spirit’s counsel – resisting the temptation to do or say what you might naturally do and instead – supernaturally do and say that which God inspires, directs and leads?

On this Monday, let the Spirit lead and just see what happens!

Carmen talks in this episode with Nick Pitts from and Ruth Kramer from




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