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February 18, 2020

Moral bankruptcy | Faith Forum | The disintermediation of American Higher Ed | Melissa Ohden with You Carried Me

Carmen opens with brief comments about the breaking news that the Boy Scouts of America has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection as thousands of men who were abused as boys in the program come forward.

Carmen talks with Nick Pitts about the recent Faith Forum in Nevada and what politicians say to people of faith and what those terms mean in today’s polarized climate. They also discuss the plight of Christian colleges and universities as they face the very real trends of demographic, economic and disintermediation trends.

In the second half, Carmen talks with Melissa Ohden. When she was 14, Melissa learned she was a survivor of a failed abortion. She defied the odds and is now a leading voice for the voiceless in the pro-life movement. She has testified before Congress and in You Carried Me: A Daughter’s Memoir, Melissa shares intimate details about her search for her biological parents, and her own journey from anger, guilt and shame to faith, forgiveness and purpose.


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