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April 24, 2019

Morning w Carmen 4-24-2019 hour 2: Reconnecting Easter Sunday worship with Monday morning work

Have you ever wondered how Sunday is connected is to Monday?  Many people experience a disconnect between Sunday morning worship and how they operate, communicate and navigate the work-a-day world. It makes for a disintegrated unhappy joyless life and it compromises the witness of the Christian to the nonbelieving world. So, how do we reconnect Sunday – specifically Easter Sunday – throughout the work week?

Bill English from Bible & Business dot com joins Carmen to explore this topic. They cover:

How does the reality of the resurrection of Jesus affect my view of work, how I work and what I work for?

Answers include:

  • Experiencing the resurrection of Christ personally and being renewed – made alive again – through it
  • Allowing the resurrection of Christ to transform your view of work so that you see work AS worship
  • Allowing the resurrection of Christ to transform how you work: joyfully and unto the Lord
  • Allowing the resurrection of Christ to transform what you work for: its about His reputation, not yours.

Ask yourself: who am I working for? Why am I working? How can I work in ways that honor Jesus and advance His redemptive purposes today?



In the second half of this episode Carmen talks with Bruce Ashford about his new book, The Gospel of Our King. This is a Bible, worldview, mission of every Christian conversation designed to help you understand the Bible’s overarching narrative as the true story of the whole world AND your mission as a Christian in it!



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