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March 13, 2019

Mornings w Carmen 3-13-2019 hour 2: #CollegeCheatingScandal, Trump budget, and The Long Goodbye: Kara Tippetts movie

Carmen’s comments about the #CollegeCheatingScandal:

let me just say this here: honesty is a core value and if you’re helping your kid cheat their way into college you’ve failed as a parent. If you value your kid’s admittance into a particular college more than you value the character of your kid, you’ve got a serious personal, moral problem.

It does not mean that you nor your child are irredeemable but it does mean that serious repentance is in order.  This is a story about more than just parents trying to cheat the system – these parents have demonstrated to their children that money buys everything and that enough money buys things other people have to work really really hard to achieve. It’s the worst version of privileged entitlement.

Some of these kids didn’t know – others clearly knew because they’re on record as not really valuing education at all. So whose dreams are we talking about? That’s an opportunity to look ourselves seriously in the mirror when it comes to our own parenting. In what ways are you seeking to have your own unfilled dreams met through your child? Pause right there and consider that your child is not a mini-me. He or she is a uniquely conceived and fashioned individual made in the image of God on purpose and for His purpose. Our job as adults is to help them grow up in every way into Christ – to know God and know the love of God and fall in love with God and follow God’s leading for their life – wherever that may lead.

Let’s consider for a just a moment what the children of these very rich people might have learned by failing to get into the college of their choice. They might have learned to work to make their own way. They might have learned to apply themselves. T

hey might have learned about delayed gratification. They might have learned the value of humility. Instead, they have learned their parents are not only willing to work the system but break the law and disadvantage others in order they could have the appearance of achievement. – And, everyone else knows too. 

As neighbors and friends and fellow church members of parents and kids who are now being publicly humiliated by these revelations, let us ready ourselves to be partners in the redemptive process. These individuals, families, institutions and the college admittance process is today under great scrutiny. The scandal is already wide reaching and I suspect we’ve only seen the tip of this iceberg.

Carmen discusses the revelations with Bill English and then they evaluate Trump’s budget proposal from the viewpoint of responsible stewardship.

Carmen then talks with filmmakers Jay and Sofia Lyons about the documentary,

The Long Goodbye: The Kara Tippetts story.

(it’s really good; get your tissues).











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