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March 14, 2019

Mornings w Carmen 3-14-2019 College admission scandal and the 7 Myths of Singleness w Sam Allberry


Leading off the show Carmen surveys a number of headlines with Ben Johnson from Acton. From the college admission scandal to the reality of c

ronyism to the latest with Brexit and the moral threat of trying to measure the pay gap, the mind of Christ is brought to bear on the headline news!

Carmen issued a call to pray British Prime Minister Theresa May. She is a fellow believer and she is experiencing very real challenges. Carmen and Ben both encourage prayers for her stamina as well as the courage and grace to face what yet lies ahead.

Sam Allberry joins Carmen for a conversation about his new book: 7 Myths of Singleness.

Sam shares one of the things “I wouldn’t believe if it weren’t in the Bible” as well as insights for families with single friends. Sam and Carmen discuss Biblical intimacy versus the reduced idea of intimacy as sex, and the importance of friendship and the family of faith to the flourishing of singles, married couples and families.

The Bible reveals singleness is a positive gift and even a blessing. So why do we commonly assume that singleness means the absence of good things? Sam blows away that myth in today’s conversation.




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