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March 14, 2019

Mornings w Carmen 3-14-2019 hour 2: Nancy Alcorn on Transformation and Justin Giboney on substantive political discourse

Many people around us right now are living with deep trauma and life controlling issues that literally bind their hearts and minds from enjoying the goodness of God and His mercies, new every morning.  Maybe you survived a childhood trauma that lead you to believe things about yourself and God that are not true. Maybe you suffer everyday under the life controlling power of an addiction or your harming yourself in ways you know are not healthy but you cannot stop because it’s the only way you’ve found to deal with the very real and very deep pain. You need God’s mercy and you know it but you aren’t even sure if transformation and redemption are possible.  They are. God is great and God is good and God loves you and there is hope. Don’t give up and don’t give in to the lies you’ve been told. You are beloved. God sees you and God wants you to be set free from the things others have done to you – none of which were your fault and you certainly never deserved.

Nancy Alcorn is a woman who has walked the path of redemption with thousands of young woman over the past three decades. She joins Carmen to talk about Treatment or Transformation: 13 real stories why you can’t argue with a changed life

Justin Giboney returns to talk about a range of headlines from the viewpoint of a young, urban Christian.  Carmen and Justin talk freely about the things upon which they agree and the areas where there may be disagreement, and yet mutual concern for finding answers that work for human flourishing.  It’s a conversation about politics like you’ve likely never heard.



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