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March 18, 2019

Mornings w Carmen 3-18-2019 hour 1: Identity confusion, Equality Act, Religious and gendered persecution

Brandon Showalter from the Christian Post joined Carmen to discuss several developing stories in the U.S.:

  • Jack, aka Jacquelyn, is 10 years old. His grandmother fears his mother has started him on puberty blockers. But she doesn’t know for certain because her daughter and her same-sex spouse, have not allowed the grandmother to have any contact with Jack since Christmas a couple years back. That’s when Jack presented to his grandmother as a girl but didn’t seem to know what gender was. If your family is dealing with this kind of confusion, there’s help at
  • Jamie Shupe was the first person to be legally recognized as binary in the United States. Jamie is biologically male but thought, for a period of time, that he was woman. He now regrets taking hormones and is warning everyone who will listen that trans is sham.
  • As the U.S. Congress considers updating the 1964 Civil Rights Law to the The Equality Act, feminists, conservatives and lesbians are all urging Congress to abandon gender identity language.  They see gender identity as a threat to the identity and protections of women.

Ruth Kramer from Mission Network News joined Carmen to discuss international headlines:

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