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March 19, 2019

Mornings w Carmen 3-19-2019, hour 2: A doctor’s view of transgender identification and a professor’s view of socialism

This is one of those “take notes” episodes.

After a Kindness Story from Nicole J. Phillips, Dr. David Stevens form the Christian Medical and Dental Association unpacks the Biblical, biological, social, medical and ethical dimensions of transgender identification from a Christian worldview.

Among other observations, Dr. Stevens points out:

  • the created nature of male as male and female and female, in God’s image
  • sex is an objective biological, immutable fact
  • human beings are sexually dimorphic
  • the social issues related to transgender identification are complex and create great challenges for Christian healthcare professionals
  • ultimately, we have to acknowledge we are dealing with individuals who have a form of body dysmorphia. They do not see reality as it is. That is, by definition, delusional and medicine rests on science which is captive to biological reality, not the desires nor demands of individuals.

Carmen and Dr. Stevens also discuss the news that the FDA is going after mail order abortion drugs.


Dr. Bruce Ashford then joins Carmen for a deep dive into Socialism.

  1. Define it historically (Marxism)
  2. Differentiate it from varieties of socialism in the cultural conversations of the day (democratic socialism, and
  3. Deal with it as idolatry or a psuedo-religion, totalizing system

Get your pencil and paper ready! This is one that begs for notes!




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