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March 22, 2019

Mornings w Carmen 3-22-2019 hour 2: Asking hard questions, faithful media consumption and responding in context by faith

The news at the top of the hour included reference to a story out of Sioux Falls publicly identifying by name 11 priests who have been credibly accused of child sex abuse in that Diocese. Carmen reminds us that as these revelations continue to be brought to light, there are many people who have never told anyone what happened to them when they were little. She invites those who have been abused to tell someone safe and she asks everyone else to become the kind of person who is safe to tell. Carmen says, “the time has come that each of us must turn to those we love and gently ask, ‘Did anything like that ever happen to you?’ and then we need to be prepared to hear them tell us an awful truth they’ve been living with for years.”

For help, please revisit the shows where Carmen has addressed this subject matter at length. A list is aggregated in the highlight interview with Diane Langberg.



Carmen’s conversation with Adam Holz from Plugged In follows.  They discuss: 

  • The Disney/Fox deal
  • Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase
  • The History Channel’s Jesus – His Life mini-series, and
  • how social media aggravates the epidemic of mass shootings.


Carmen rounds out the hour and the week by talking about the particular impact of the flooding on native American tribes and the very personal reality that the most important news story of the week is the one closest to home and closest to your heart.



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