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March 25, 2019

Mornings w Carmen 3-25-2019 hour 2: Dean Inserra on The Unsaved Christian and David Aikman on Israel

The title is going to provoke all kinds of accusations that Dean Inserra and Carmen are sitting in judgement of other people. Let’s begin by dispelling that. The Unsaved Christian isn’t about judging others but about the very real fear we have for people who think they’re Christians but who do not know Jesus. Dean makes the case for seeking to reach Unsaved Christians, aka cultural Christians, today.  

Dean distinguishes cultural “Christians” who may have a civic faith or attend church in much the same way they go to the country club, from those who are living and practicing saving faith in Jesus Christ.

Carmen and Dean talk about Easter, the Gospel and Gronk!

If you’ve ever felt stuck or unsure how to minister to someone who identifies as Christian but still needs Jesus, this book is for you.


David Aikman returns for the Monday review of the international headlines. He and Carmen discuss topics ranging from Israel to Brexit to New Zealand.



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