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March 27, 2019

Mornings w Carmen 3-27-2019 hour 1: Drew Griffin on Israel, Gaza, Golan Heights, Netanyahu and Frank Viola’s book ReGrace

Carmen leads off this show with a PSA to the millions of Americans who rely on wells in the regions of the nation recently flooded. In the flood impacted states, 15 million people rely on more than a million wells on private land. That means they do not have access to what you might think of “city water.” But following a flood, the water and debris which settles into wells is contaminated. The FDA does not check private wells for contamination. That responsibility lies with the well owner.  Yet another layer to the recovery Carmen will discuss tomorrow with Ken Gruber of Omaha Rapid Response.

Today, Carmen talked with Drew Griffin of about Israel, ISIS and the return of Christians to the Ninevah Plain.

On the topic of Israel, they discussed the missile attacks by Hamas on central Israel and Israel’s retaliation. Drew pointed out a confluence of issues related to Gaza.  He notes the PLO technically governs the West Bank but Hamas, a terrorist organization which opposes the PLO, controls the Gaza strip.  The people of Gaza have been protesting against Hamas because of the paucity of basic resources and Hamas’ mistreatment of anyone who raises their voice in opposition.  Attacking Israel is seen as a show of strength by Hamas but Israel’s response makes clear where the real power lies.

Benjamin Netenyahu faces real opposition in the upcoming election and the Syrians are not happy about the U.S. recognition of Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

Next, Carmen and Drew discuss news that ISIS has been defeated. Drew clarifies to note that the lack of a geographic Caliphate or the holding of land does not change the ideology of people motivated by religious zealotry. He sees ISIS rebranding at best and redeploying their assets toward guerrilla tactics worldwide.  On the positive side, the liberation of the Ninevah Plain from ISIS means Christians and others who were driven from their homes and towns are now returning to rebuild. People in the largely Muslim Middle East are coming to faith in Jesus Christ in miraculous ways.


Frank Viola joined Carmen to share his new book, ReGrace: What the Shocking Beliefs of the Great Christians can Teach us Today

Who are your Christian heros? C.S. Lewis? Luther? Calvin? D.L. Moody? Charles Spurgeon? John Wesley? Billy Graham? Augustine? What if I told you he had blind spots and held some false – yes, shocking – views?

In ReGrace, bestselling author Frank Viola argues that this simple awareness will create an empathy between us today as we interact with fellow Christians who differ with us on some points of theology. Knowing that the heroes of our faith sometimes got it wrong will empower us to treat our fellow Christians with grace rather than disdain whenever we disagree over theological non-essentials (that final distinction is important).




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