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March 28, 2019

Mornings w Carmen 3-28-2019 hour 1: The God Problem, Britain quotes Bible to deny asylum to Christian convert, flood relief update

Carmen and Ben Johnson from the Acton institute discuss an opinion piece in the New York Times entitled “The God Problem” by a professor of philosophy from San Diego State.  There are, of course, arguments which demolish each point this philosopher proposes, but his position is presented as if it is unassailable.

Carmen notes the dictionary is the wrong resource book to which to turn in your quest to know God.  She also points out there’s a humility required in approaching God and the things of God which is lacking in the writer of the New York Times opinion piece. She and Ben walk around in the conversation modeling how Christians can engage the wisdom of the age which regards God as foolishness. Nothing new, of course, but many don’t know that.

Ben and Carmen also discuss an interesting headline out of Britain. The British equivalent of U.S. Homeland Security made a theological judgement that an Iranian man seeking asylum he is not really a Christian based on specific Bible verses which the government says show that Christianity is not a religion of peace.


Ken Gruber from Omaha Rapid Response shares an update from the front lines of the flooded midwest. Prepare to be encouraged and inspired to help.




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