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March 29, 2019

Mornings w Carmen 3-29-2019 hour 2: Adam Holz and Chris Martin

Adam Holz from PluggedIn joins Carmen to talk about the Unplanned movie, Dumbo, Justin Bieber and reality of depression and mental illness in Hollywood. Then Chris Martin from LifeWayVoices shares his analysis of the EU’s approval of a controversial copyright law called Article 13.  (Spoiler alert: Chris thinks it stinks.)

In brief, you should see Unplanned – the movie about the story of Abby Johnson who left Planned Parenthood to advocate for the unborn because you can never unsee an abortion. Rated R because abortion is the very real taking of a very real life.




Chris Martin dissects the European parliament’s copyright law and the effects it may have on the way we access the news via the internet.



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