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March 4, 2019

Mornings w Carmen 3-4-2019 hour 2, Fasting, feasting and eating disorders with Dr. Linda Mintle plus Israel, India, Pakistan and Brexit with David Aikman

Have you feasted on the Word of God today? Is your meat to do the will of the Father? Are you consider fasting during the season of Lent which starts this Wednesday?

I know a number of people who are making Lenten commitments related to food. Some are giving up refined sugar, others are giving up carbs. I have one friend who is embarking on a full 40 day fast and another who is using Lent as the beginning of her veganism.  Each of these people wants to change their relationship to food. If you’re planning to fast from some food or category of food during Lent, what’s the reason behind your desire to change your relationship with food? Is it physical health, mental health, spiritual health, maybe all three or none of the above!

Our relationship with food is complicated. Consider for a moment not only what you eat but when you eat, how much you eat, why you eat and how much time you spend thinking about what you’re going to eat, who you’re going to eat with – on and on.  Food – and food related thoughts – can consume us.

God knows we need food and He also knows some of us tend toward unhealthy relationships with food. Last week was Eating Disorder awareness week and Dr. Linda Mintle joins us talk about eating disorders and other food obsessions like orthorexia. 


Then Carmen talks across a range of international headlines with David Aikman. They cover the aftermath of the Trump/Kim Hanoi summit, the indictment of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel, the de-escalation of nuclear saber rattling between India and Pakistan, an update on Venezuela and the March countdown to Brexit.



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