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April 1, 2019

Mornings w Carmen 4-1-2019 hour 1: April Fools, Nebraska flood relief, Cyclone Idai

Carmen leads off with an April Fool’s day commentary and a report from the Haag family who shared about how God is multiplying the opportunity to serve neighbors in Nebraska as they seek to survive and clean up from the flood.

From the Haag’s:
“Hey Carmen,

I just wanted to give you an update.  First of all, you were the confirmation to get us to go!  Listening to your program the other morning really gave us the push.  So, I tried contacting the Winnebago Tribe with the contact and was not able to get through.  I also tried the Santee Sioux Tribe with no luck.

So our efforts turned to bringing donations to a contact in Scribner NE.  They had friends here in SW MN and were asking for help.  The small towns along the flood path had not had ANY outside help from anyone until we came on Friday.

What started with delivering 14 bales of our hay, exploded into farmers bringing hay from all around to our farm. We were a drop-off point, loading and unloading hay.  We have collected over 110+ large round bales (value is over $12000). Semi trucks were lined up to haul for free!  Farmers in NE literally cried as they came to pick up this hay.  Some animals have not had feed in over 10 days and after that long may not recover, but they still try to do what they can to save them.


We had a group of 12 ppl who traveled down with supplies of everything you could imagine.  Several sump pumps were purchased along with food, paper products, cleaning supplies, rubber chore boots and clothes. People from the 4 county area brought donations.  We filled a 53’ semi trailer!  The NE ppl  were thankful beyond words. After that we were able to get a tour and see first hand the destruction.  All I can say is it was unbelievable and so sad.  We finally were able to pray with those we met and headed home.  We feel like we now have new family in NE!”




Ruth Kramer from Mission Network News then joins Carmen to talk about similarly devastating flooding in Africa. Three countries have been deeply impacted and inland seas have formed as a result of Cyclone Idai. The lack of media attention is disturbing as millions are affected. The second and third waves of disease and food shortages are yet ahead.




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