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April 1, 2019

Mornings w Carmen 4-1-2019 hour 2: Is March Madness making you mad?

Dr. Linda Mintle joins Carmen for a conversation about how to move from anger to self-control, particularly related to our sometimes over-zealous fandom.  They hit on:

  1. moving from blame to responsibility
  2. anger and not over aggression
  3. the importance of everyone (parents and coaches included) following the rules
  4. modeling good sportsmanship
  5. keeping it all in perspective
  6. losing well – and not treating those who lose as losers
  7. learning self-control (spiritual fruit!) at every age
  8. showing your skills, not your temper

Dr. David Aikman then talks with Carmen about:

  • Brexit (what a mess)
  • President Trump’s cutting off aid to three Central American nations and threatening to close the southern border as more migrants flow in
  • Venezuela and the continuing devolution of things there



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