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April 15, 2019

Mornings w Carmen 4-15-2019 hour 2: Training kids for resilience, not fear and international headlines w David Aikman

Dr. Linda Mintle joins Carmen for a conversation about kids, school shooting drills, stress and the need for adults to train kids to be resilient, not fearful.  NBC news and other outlets have been highlighting the effects of school shooting drills on kids in America. Children – who are very safe – are being made to feel vulnerable, afraid and even traumatized by drills designed to make them safe. Yes, the irony is thick.

Dr. Mintle shares the research and then she and Carmen discuss what parents and other adults can do to help kids deal with the stress of so much bad (and scary) news. The list includes:

  • talking about it – getting it out
  • turning it off – watch what your kids are watching and turn off the dark, dystopian news, games and shows
  • get outside
  • don’t impose your own fears
  • use Scripture
  • reinforce healthy eating, drinking and sleeping routines – stressed out bodies need a reboot!


David Aikman then returns to talk about:

  • Brexit
  • Julian Assange and
  • Israel


All that and more on today’s Mornings with Carmen, hour 2!




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