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April 17, 2019

Mornings w Carmen 4-17-2019 hour 1: The Case for the Empty Tomb and proposed changes to Medicare Part D

That headline sounds like an odd combo, but trust me, it works!

I feel like I have discovered a new friend in Per Ewert. (Yes, I know EVERYTHING he as written to this point is in Swedish and no, I don’t speak nor read Swedish – which is why I suspect I have not known about him until now!) His first book in ENGLISH has just been published and its apologetics of the best kind: captivating and true!  Sherlock: The Case of the Empty Tomb is provocative. Per understands the questions people are asking in our post-Christian culture and he also knows the answers to those questions. But engaging skeptics by leading them to discover the truth along with Sherlock and Watson is pure genius.  I expect to have him on again to discuss secularism and how to engage emerging generations from his European perspective.


Then Carmen talks with Hunter Baker from Union University about proposed changes to Medicare Part D which would potentially leave seniors without access to the life-saving prescription drugs in six currently protected classes. Carmen and Hunter also begin to till the deep soil of Christian ethics in talking about how we talk in our families about end of life issues. If we are pro-life from conception to natural death, what does accepting natural death mean? When do we make the decisions about what to do and how do we make those decisions? Answer: we live by the principles of the Kingdom and we live under the sovereignty of God and we live as people of faith and we apply all of that in the heat of the moment when the pressure is on.



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