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April 18, 2019

Mornings w Carmen 4-18-2019 hour 1: Maundy Thursday and Ben Johnson

Maundy Thursday…

The day of the last supper and the footwashing and the predictions of both Judas’ betrayal and Peter’s denial. It is on this night Jesus leads his disciples from the Upper Room to walk through the olive grove where Jesus talked about what it means to abide in Him. In talking about his impending death he seeks to comfort the disciples with the promise of the Holy Spirit but they do not understand.  

It was on this night that Matthew, Mark and Luke record Jesus’ prayer offered in the Garden of Gethsemane, sweating drops of blood as he faced the prospect of the Cross. John records here Jesus’ high priestly prayer where He reveals His heart’s desire that we who follow Him would be One just as He and the Father are One.

This is the night Jesus is betrayed by Judas and Peter lifts a sword in defense of the Lord. Jesus heals the injured soldier and submits himself to arrest. This the night Jesus is bound, the disciples scatter and the trials begin.

In terms of the narrative arc of God’s redemptive plan, today is the day the rising tension reaching a near breaking point. The Cross is the climax and today is the narrowing path which leads us there.

Whatever else you do today, read John 13:1-18:12

Whatever other headlines catch your attention, let the focus of your heart and mind be on the events of the life of Christ, our Lord.

And indeed, there are many headlines to digest today so Carmen talks with Ben Johnson from the Acton Institute about:

  • Notre Dame – restore or rebuild? That question is more important than you might think. 
  • the appeal of Democratic Presidential hopefuls to the mainline Protestant Christian left
  • Michigan same-sex adoption case with national implications
  • The response of girls at North Pole High School to boys in the bathroom


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