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April 2, 2019

Mornings w Carmen 4-2-2019 hour 2: Telemedicine, Measles, Fetal heartbeat bills, and Blended&Blessed w Ron Deal

Carmen leads off with Kindness Challenge from Nicole Phillips by admitting she’s eaten puppy chow!


Dr. David Stevens from the Christian Medical and Dental Association talks with Carmen about:

  • the growth of the use of telemedicine particularly in places like North Dakota where a dearth exists in terms of access to specialists including psychiatrists
  • the measles outbreak in New York state, the state’s response and the breakdown in public trust for some members of minority faith communities
  • the proliferation of fetal heartbeat legislation across the country – and the passage of a bill in Georgia expected to be signed into law by the Governor. The ACLU plans to challenge Georgia’s law in court in the same way it has challenged laws in other states. Setting up appeals to the Supreme Court for reconsideration of Roe v. Wade.


Following Breakpoint, Carmen reminds listeners that catechesis is available and invites you to check out her interview with Dr. Albert Mohler about his new book on The Apostles’ Creed.


Next up, Ron Deal from Family Life to talk about Blended and Blessed event on April 27th.

Ron shares that 40% of all American families are blended families. Blended is defined as a family with at least one step relationship. That may mean a widowed parent remarries, or divorced parents or remarry, or single parents who have never been married, get married. Carmen recognizes that she has step relationships in two directions. Her dad died when she was in high school and her mom remarried when Carmen was 35. So, as an adult, she gained a stepdad. Eight years ago, when Carmen married Jim, she also became a stepmom – six times over!

Carmen recommends Ron Deal’s book The Smart Stepfamily and they talk about the what and why of the Blended and Blessed event. With 113 million Americans who have at least one step relationship, this event has the potential to positively impact many people.

To hear Carmen’s conversation with Ron three years ago, listen here!



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