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April 22, 2019

Mornings w Carmen 4-22-2019 hour 1: Easter people, TedX talk, Evangelicals on AI and the Mueller Report

He is Risen! He is Risen indeed! Glory, Hallelujah!
Easter changes everything.

If you are in Christ then you are an Easter person, part of the Easter people. We, the Easter people, face the world with an unassailable joy and unconquerable hope. 

Knowing that He lives, we can face today – and tomorrow. Yes, even in the face of the news of suicide bombers targeting multiple churches on Easter morning. It is horrific and it punctuates the reality of human depravity and the depth of sin. It illuminates why Christ died and it bears witness against those who would argue that humanity is getting progressively more loving all on its own, without need for supernatural redemption.

Today the world has already turned away from Easter to other things but we, as Christians, are Easter people. We turn toward the world with the good news of a risen Savior – Christ – the Lord!  We turn to the world representing the reality of Christ’s life, death and resurrection and the fullness of the hope He offers to people in all kinds of despair.

Whatever you face today, Jesus is sufficient – even for this. 

In this episode Carmen talks with Brandon Showalter from the Christian Post about:

  • a troubling TedX talk from a Stanford doctor who advocates for gender affirmation surgery (the permanent surgical removal of healthy reproductive sexual organs) from children who identify as gender expansive or transgender. The specific child in view is Avery who the doctor describes as “a girl with a penis.”  The doctor is already treating Avery with puberty blocking drugs so “she is not going to develop the chest she doesn’t want.” If Avery were a biological boy, pubertal blockers would render his testes non productive. Which, the doctor then argues, would be reason to remove them as nonfunctional organs – something that can happen prior to the majority age of 18. “Allowing programmed puberty to take place,” the doctor argues, is “psychologically stressful,” and these children should be protected from that stress by parents and doctors partnering in “creative” “gender affirmation” surgeries as early as possible so these children can “go into the world as their authentic selves.”
  • The Evangelical Statement issued last week on AI

Then Carmen talks with Adam Carrington from Hillsdale College about the Mueller Report. They discuss several story lines, including:

  • The redacted Mueller Report was released on Maundy Thursday and Carmen points to the “What is Truth?” question asked by Pilate of Jesus in the conversation about the identifying what is true versus what is politically self-confirming
  • Proof-texting from the Mueller report (like proof texting with the Bible) does not prove anything
  • Is morality now defined by legality? And if so, what does that say about this cultural moment?
  • The importance of raising the next generation to know what is good, beautiful and true and cultivating within them a love for the transcendental virtues of Godliness



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